Thursday, March 31, 2011

She keeps us on our toes!

I seriously can't take my eyes off my two year old! She's sweet and doesn't mean to cause trouble, but she's curious, and wants to try and see just how messy things can be!

Today she found some grease from somewhere on the grill outside, and got it all over her. She was wearing a ton of white today too! We were just about to leave for our Real Life Group so we had to throw her in the bathtub and wash her several times before we got it all off. Crazy kid.

 Here is the "after" pic. All clean!

 And that's not all. Earlier today, she got into the baby powder in the bathroom. This mess wasn't quite so hard on the white clothes. Seriously, she's a delight, but keeps me busy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feeling Fancy

 Addalie got a super-cute new table, a tea set, and some dress up clothes for her birthday, and we wanted to try it all out with some friends. So we called up the Shock cousins and invited them to a royal tea party! They had to come in dress up clothes, but I had fancy shoes, jewelry, and hats for the kids to borrow if they wanted. Addalie made me wear a flower headband and heels, but I didn't get a picture! Jada got one though, so I'll have to get that. Anyway, the kids seemed to have a good time!

That night, I decided to bust out the fancy dishes and grill some filet mignons for dinner. We were definitely feeling fancy yesterday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Camping and More!

First of all, check out these cute pictures of my family! I never cease to be amazed at how much joy they bring me!

He has the most kissable cheeks!
And he loves his bouncer
 Nothing makes Daniel happier then when he gets to cuddle with his kids. Side note: Whenever I have both Addalie and Asher in my arms, I usually say, "I love my two kids!" So now whenever I'm holding them, Addalie says, "I got two kids!"

Ok, so this weekend, we attempted our first camping trip as a family. Daniel and I both grew up camping, and we want to do the same with our kids. It was definately interesting! We were just there for one night, and let me tell you, camping is hardly worth the effort for just one night! But I still loved it and can't wait to make it a family tradition.

Addalie stayed dirty most of the time, of course.

Part of the fun of camping is eating and drinking all the time right? Addalie liked not having to wear a bib or use a sippy cup, and loved helping herself to whatever!

There were some relaxing times...

In my family, camping means target practice. It had been a while since I shot a gun, but I can still do it!

Addalie quickly got bored with few toys and children to play with and started saying, "I ready to go home." She even got in the car, and tried to drive there herself!

Wow, sleeping in a tent with a two year old... wow. She refused to lay down in her sleeping bag and go to sleep. She wanted to lay on the air mattress with mom and dad. But she won't just lay there, no no, she has to crawl all over me, pulll my hair, kick me in the face, kick Daniel in the ribs, elbow me, and cry every fifteen minutes no reason at all! Oh Asher, the three month old, was an angel. He layed on his little pallet and didn't make a peep, despite all the noise, until this morning. After his 6:30 feeding though, he just wanted to sleep with me. Here we are, after a rough night, on an almost completely deflated air mattress. Somehow, we are all at the foot of the bed. Notice Addalie still has my hair in her hand! I'm surprised I'm not bald after last night!
Fun times were had by all! Memories...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Addalie is 2!

Our baby girl turned two yesterday!  It is amazing how time has flown and how much life has changed since she joined us that Sunday afternoon.  We knew life would be different and our priorites would change, but we never knew how much we were missing until that day. 

We decided to have a party at our house and bring in a petting zoo since Addalie loves animals so much.  We had a great time and she loved every minute of it.  We were glad it worked out because if it didn't we might have ended up with a Barney party, and let's face it, that could have been traumatic for the adults. 

Here is Addalie riding the pony. 

Gran-D got Addalie her birthday outfit and she looked adorable.  You might not be able to see it in the picture, but it has ner name embroidered on the front. 

Addalie could not wait to get in with those animals.  There was 1 goat, 2 sheep, ducks, baby chicks, chickens, bunnies and a rooster. 

Addalie loved the goat.  He was just 1 month old bounced all over the pen. 

Here she is holding a "green" duck.  Not sure why she thought he was green, but sure enough it was!

There is a story behind her cake, but won't go into all the details.  Let's just say that this was her second cake, and Dionne McBride is awesome!

This was a very intense moment for all of us if you can't tell.

Believe it or not, Addalie did not get any cake on her white shirt. 

Since the whole family was not able to make it in for Addalie's party we had a second party on her actual birthday.  We had a joint party for Addalie and Ava who is turning 4 on the 28th. 

Addalie loves having tea parties and now she has a table to enjoy them.  Thanks Nana and Papa. 

Family Weekend

We had a great weekend with the whole family this past weekend.  Here are some of our favorite pictures that were not apart of Addalie's birthday party. 

Asher got a new toy from Pop & Gran-D, and he loves sitting on the floor and hitting all the toys.  Finally something to keep him pre-occupied while we get some things done around the house! 

Our little girl loves her playscape, especially when all her cousins are over. 

Here is Nana and Papa with all their grandkids.  It is impossible to get everyone to look at the camera, but they are all cute anyway. 

We bought this tub for Addalie's party.  She loves sitting in it and being spun around in it.  So far there has been no throwing up.....

Here is Pop and his grandson.

We have another happy kiddo! 

Asher was not feeling real well and just needed to be held by Gran-D during the party. 

Addalie and her new chairs she got from Pop & Gran-D.  Her and Emry will be basking in the sun this summer. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cousins and Friends

Addalie and her cousin Emry are best freinds. They love hanging out! Emry came over Saturday to entertain Addalie since I felt like we hadn't done anything fun for a couple of days. Emry had her tutu on so Addalie had to go put hers on. Then Emry started playing with a baby bottle so Addalie had to have one. They wanted water in them so they could pretend to be real babies!

Forgive my pictures. My camera battery is dead and so I had to use my phone. Anyway, the girls got out a bunch of blankets and we giggling like crazy on the air mattress when I found them. I don't know what was so funny, but it was pretty cute! I love that they have so much fun together!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fun Day

I think Addalie had a fun day today. I love it when Daniel has the day off because I feel like we can focus more on the kids and do more fun things. We played this morning, then Daniel took Addalie on a long bike ride to Jada's house. He hooked the trailor onto his bike and we loaded Addalie up with snacks, a drink, and books, and they took off! After Addalie took a nap, part of that nap being on her floor, we spent the evening outside swinging and playing on her playscape. Leah came over and we had a good time just all hanging out! I love time with family!

Sorry, I got these pictures in the opposite order of what I intended!

Addalie literally would stay out and swing for hours and hours. She loves nothing more!

Asher loves being outside too! I think he looks chubbier in pictures than he really is. Those cheeks are just too cute! His shirt says "Romeo in Training"

How cute is this picture?
 Asher had a bad night last night and was so sleep deprived today. He fianlly fell asleep and slept forever in the recliner. You know he's out when he loses the pacifier and doesn't even care.
 Apparently, Addalie went to her drawer to get out her favorite gown during nap and just couldn't make it back to her bed! She cracks me up!
 Getting ready to go for a fun ride!

 She was very focused on coloring this picture. She loves to color these days!
 Asher has been spending more and more time in his crib. He loves looking at the aquarium. Yep, that's my little Stud Muffin!