Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Baby is Crawling!

Addalie started crawling this past week. She has mastered the army crawl pretty good, and is getting better about moving on her hands and knees. It has definitely been a little harder to keep her in one place and or hold anything in your hands while she is near. Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

Playing with her favorite hedgehog.

Crawling towards momma who stole the hedgehog.

She is getting good at giving really wet kisses

We weren't sure if this was appropriate or not, but we wanted to show off her rolls!

This is the typical I woke up too early from nap look

Saturday, August 15, 2009

5 Months Old!

I know we haven't updated this thing in forever for that, I apologize. It has been kind of crazy at the Reese house since we moved to Round Rock. It's not that our schedules are jammed packed, it's just that we have had more to adapt to than we usually do and have had a lot on our minds. We have had two offers on our house, and both have fallen through. It is so crushing when you have your heart set on selling and then the buyer doesn't go through with it. But we are trusting that God has a better offer out there for us and we are trying to be patient! Daniel is finally able to get things started with Farmer's Insurance. He has had to wait on a lot of things to come through, but now he's excited to working again. Addalie has been accompanying me on all my CARES errands. She is such a trooper and everybody at the apartments love her! I'm staying busy with CARES stuff and being a mommy. We are really enjoying doing this apartment ministry and getting to know all the residents.

It's hard to believe Addalie is 5 months old today!
She is growing so fast and every day there is something new to discover. She is rolling all over the place, rocking on her hands and knees, and sitting by herself for short periods of time. I am constantly amazed that God has allowed us to care for such a wonderful baby! She has such a sweet and joyful personality. I pray that part of her never changes.

That's it for now. Keep as in your prayers as we continue to try to get things going and are waiting on the house to sell in Ohio.