Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Potty Training

God gave me this time with Addalie so that I will never judge another person's child. Addalie has always been so advanced in just about everything and so so eager to learn. But not with going to the bathroom. The girl screams and cries and begs for a diaper. So I decided I was ready to give it all I had and the past two days we have camped out in the bathroom and have hardly seen the light of day because I was determined to get this done. We had a pretty good day yesterday- no wet accidents! She even would just get on there herself when she needed to go. We played and colored and had some really sweet time together. But she would not go #2. Finally, at 6:30, I let her greet Daniel after work, and wouldn't you know it, that girl poops on the porch! Seriously?

Today was less fun. I started taking toys and shows away until she went #2. I threatened and promised rewards and wouldn't let her leave the bathroom till she pooped. I know, I sound like a terribly mean mom. But she is so stubborn! Finally, I decided to try the porch thing again. And it worked! I saw "the look" and plopped her down. She threw a fit. An hour later, I got her to go, but I had to stand behind her holding her knees to her chest while she screamed bloody murder.

This is the kids playing together in the new playroom, aka the bathroom!
Seriously, God must really be trying to teach me something or prepare for a future of fights. I'm scared.