Sunday, November 15, 2009

Addalie on the Farm

We were all able to go to Welch this weekend and spend some time with family and go see Landon play football. Addalie got to experience many things for the first time: her first football game, first time to play in the cotton field, and her first time to see some of the animals that she has been reading about in her books.

This was the best family picture we could get in the cotton. Addalie was more interested in trying to get it in her mouth then looking at the camera.

Addalie watching Landon feed the pigs.

Playing with Meme.

And Grandad.

Addalie taking a break from playing with the baby doll to pose with Nana

Anytime Addalie catches herself in the mirror or sees a picture of her around the house she has to stop and laugh at herself.

Grandad brought out a china doll for Addalie to look at and she could not get enough playtime with the baby. She loves babies whether they are real or not, she loves to hug and kiss them.

Addalie loved watching Uncle Landon play. She was so proud of him!

Almost anytime a camera is pointed at her, Addalie will stop what she is doing and smile at the camera.

With Uncle Kanyon in front of the cotton stripper

Addalie wore her John Deere shirt out in the field to play with the cotton.

She loves kisses from Nana and Papa

Papa showing Addalie how to use the stripper. She liked putting her hands on all that she could.

Addalie tried all weekend to say "Papa" but only got the mouth movement down. Maybe next time she can get it all out!

We had a great weekend, though we wish Landon could have won his game. He played great though and we are all so proud of him. We are just so thankful we are in a place where we can drive down for that kind of stuff! Next trip: El Paso to see the other grandparents for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Well, I don't know how Addalie felt about all of it, but Daniel and I had a blast dressing our little girl up for Halloween! She was so cute and such a good sport! We took her to a costume party we hosted at our apartment complex, and then to Nick and Jada's for a cookout and trick or treating. Of course, Addalie got no candy, but it was fun showing her off in her costume!

Addalie has always seemed to be drawn to monkeys, so we thought it would be fun to see her as one. But all the costumes were plain brown, so we had to make it a little more girly. Addalie is hardly ever seen without a bow on, and we just kept that trend going!

Here are just a few of the oh-so-cute pictures we got of her!

We couldn't get that head to stay on straight!

With the cousins!

Getting some love from Keirah.

Emry was such a cute little ladybug! She wanted all the props- Addalie didn't mind!

And that's Addalie's first Halloween!