Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy Times

So I am officially the worst blogger ever! I'm sure everyone has stopped even checking our blog because it's always the same ol' stuff, and for that, I'm very sorry. September here has been so crazy, I just feel like I'm getting the bare minimum done around here. It's been awesome though- we have seen so much family! We would have never seen any of these people if we still lived in Ohio, so we are so thankful that we are back here and have the chance to visit with everybody!

First, we went to Dallas for a wedding. Daniel was officiating the marriage of one of his college friends. I was so excited to see Katie Hooper while we were there! It had been like, 2 years since I'd seen my college BF! Then, we got to
see Mama Brown and Papa Brown when they came into town for a Swap Meet. (I don't know exactly what a Swap Meet is or even if I spell
ed that correctly, but apparently, it's lots of fun and worth driving all the way down here for!)

The next week, I took a spontaneous trip to Galveston to see Kyla and her new baby, Micah! Kyla had a kidney stone and I was so thankful to be close enough to drive down and help her. Micah is so cute and I had a blast playing with Ava. We mostly played on the swing and had Dora the Explorer adventures of our own. She is so imaginative!

Addalie wasn't sure what to think of Micah. She just kept looking at her, then looking at me
questioningly. Then she would try to steal Micah's pacifier!

I tried to get a good one of Ava and Addalie, but it was difficult to make the two cooperate.

Soon after I got back, Mom and Dad came into town for Emry's first birthday! We had a blast hanging out at Jada and Nick's new house with them!

Getting some love from Nana and Papa!

Addalie and Emry are so cute together. They are really beginning to get to know each other and enjoy being around each other. They were giving lots of kisses when this picture was taken!

Ok, it is pretty near impossible to get a good picture of all the kids together! This is the best we could do at Emry's birthday party. Contrary to the picture, we all had a really good time!

Daniel's parents came down for a visit the weekend of his birthday. It was a short trip, but we had a great time with them! Here is Addalie celebrating her Daddy's birthday with him!

We had really cute pictures taken of Addalie with her Gran-D and Pop, but I will have to put them on the next post. She had so much fun with them, and loved the Jumperoo they bought her!