Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank You IKEA

Thank you IKEA for your cheap furniture and accessories that have become part of my home lately! Seriously, I've spent way too much time and money there these days, but I can't help myself! The place is a little addicting. I used to think I didn't like IKEA. But I'd only been in there to look for major pieces of furniture for my not-so-modern house and I just didn't think any of it was my style. Still kinda feel that way, but I had never paid attention to all the other stuff in that store! Now I'm in love and there is evidence of it all over my house.

We bought these colorful storage pieces to contain the caos that is our playroom most of the time! We spend so much time in here and it's really become a priority for me to make it nice. I just wish the rocker wasn't sorely out of place, but I need a grown-up chair in there too!
 I love this little ledge on the wall. I think I want to put another one on the other side of the toys.
 The reading corner is my favorite! It has Addalie's artwork above it and this chair is so cute! The orange shade thing comes down to enclose the child! Addalie can sit and "read" forever so I'm glad she has a fun place to do it!

 I found this cute little guy for all their little stuffed animals. It needs moved over but the hook was already there...

Ok somebody please tell me how to help this room. The walls are green and I don't want to paint them. And I fell in love with this duvet cover and can't take it back. But nothing really seems to mesh in this room and I can't figure out how to make it better!

This room was not influenced by IKEA purchases, but I wanted to show it anyway. We got a bigger bed recently and with it a new bedspread! Our old one was too fragile and I couldn't keep it repaired. So I got a more casual, carefree one and I love it! Daniel, Leah, and I made the headboad. It' soft and cushioned and I think it turned out really well if I do say so! You can't tell, but it has another dark brown layer under the taupe one.

So I'm pretty happy with the updates around the house!

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

The 4th was a little of a bummer because there were no fireworks anywhere due to the fire hazard. But it was nice to have a day with Daniel off. We all got decked out in our patriotic gear and went to the worst parade ever in Round Rock. It's basically just a chace to advertize your organization and throw cheap candy. It was so so hot and Addalie wasn't really able to get to the candy, so we left early. But we got some good pictures first! Then we got to hang out with dear friends in the afternoon, so it was a fun day overall!
 Look at Asher's cute shoes!

 Addalie trying to see above the big kids.
 Asher had fun, Addalie was not in such a good mood...

Saturday we hung out with the wonderful Kedroski's! We enjoyed swimming at Susan's brother's amazing pool and cooking out for dinner. I don't know what happened to all the swimsuits!