Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures these days. I know that's all you come to my blog for, and I know I typically have little write other than what we've been up to and picture captions. But I would have to get up out of this chair to get my memory card, and I'm not sure I have any pictures on there anyway since we haven't brought our camera on the past two trips we've been on. We went to El Paso last weekend and East Texas this past weekend. We like the extreme sides of the state! They were both so fun and we loved seeing friends and family! I will get pictures from FB and phones and get them up, I promise. But for now, I just wanted to update and send my little random thoughts into cyber space!

Alright, so lately my life has completely changed due to two little gadgets in my kitchen: My Crock Pot and the Magic Bullet. I know, I know, who cares about what goes on in my kitchen? I'm just saying, it's revolutionized my day! I used to only use the crock pot for the occasional roast, but now I'm using it a few times a week! Dinner time is just not the best time of day for my kiddos. They both always want to be held and are bound to cause trouble if I'm not giving them attention. I would usually have to wait for Daniel to come home to finish dinner so he could help out. But now things are less chaotic. And it's easy to eat healthy because I almost never need to use any oil or butter. Checkout crockpot365.blogspot.com for some good ideas if you too want to use your slow cooker more often!

And thanks to the magic bullet, we've all been drinking healthy smoothies and yummy blended coffee drinks. I constanly have something to drink in my hand; I think I might could live on a liquid diet as long as I had a good variety like this! And I can sneak some spinach or something green in Addalie's smoothies so she's been getting more veggies. Anyway, that's what I'm thinking about this evening and I know it's totally lame. I promise to put pictures of the kids up soon and stop giving you these boring glimpses into my brain!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Scary Day

So Wednesday was such a weird/scary day. Daniel was going to Lowe's to buy some wood to build a new headboard for our new bed. He was strapping the wood to the top of our car with a bungy (sp?) cord when the cord snapped back and hit him in the eye/forhead. He doesn't remember anything after that, but I witnessed my husband acting as if he had brain damage or something. He called me several times repeating over and over that he got hit in the face and couldn't see and he was at Lowe's in Hutto. He would talk for a while then hang up, the whole time not seeming to hear anything I said. I wanted to go pick him up, but he had taken the car with both carseats in it and I felt a little trapped. Jada happened to call during all this and was just down the street at HEB, so she drove over and watched my kids for me while I went to find Daniel. The last thing he told me was he didn't know where he was but he saw a wagon and a flag. The only place I could think of was The Salt Lick, which is on the way from Lowe's to our house. I headed that direction and intercepted Daniel at a Fire Station nearby. He had parked the car in the middle of the street, still running, and was walking around toward the fire station. I ran after him calling his name, but he never could hear me. I fireman came up just as I got his attention, and we both tried to figure out if Daniel was ok. Daniel continued to repeat himself saying he was hit in the face and was trying to find his way home but didn't know how to get there. I was really scared at this point but so happy to be with him. Although he kept forgetting I was there and telling the fireman to call his wife. He reminded me of that guy from 50 First Dates who forgets everything after like, 60 seconds and just keeps repeating himself. I felt so bad for him- he was shaking and seemed so confused! He had a hard time answering very simple questions, so they called an ambulance and took him to the ER.

By the time he got to the hospital, he was so much better and he checked out fine. Apparently he had a concussion though nothing came up on the scan and his eye was scratched up. He still doesn't remember anything between getting hit and ending up sitting in the fire station, but is perfectly normal other than that. I witnessed God taking care of our family that day. Jada never shops at HEB but just happened to be in the parking lot when I needed her. Aimee Hill happened to stop by to get something from Jada, so she was able to bring Asher to the hospital for me to feed him, Daniel was completely out of it, but drove a good distance without killing himself or anybody else. I treasure my husband so much and was reminded of how much I love him. That wouldn't change no matter what, but I'm sure glad he has full brain function!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Things

I just wanted to post some new things the kids are saying or doing these days. They are both at ages where it seems to be something new everyday!

Asher is finally rolling over! Not a lot, but at least we know he can do it! He gets really excited every time too. We got out the jumperoo for him this week, and he loves it! He stays really content in it for a while. He has also found his voice. I thought he already had, but now I realize he was just getting started! He squeals all the time! So much fun!

Addalie is saying the funniest things these days! The other night she came up behind Daniel, hugged his legs, and said, "I love you big Mister!" Where does she get this stuff? And today she was talking to my mom on the phone about Jesus, Mom asked if Jesus loved her (mom) too and Addalie said, "Jesus doesn't love you, he's my Jesus!" Not much of an evangelist yet, but we will work on it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Oh my goodness, I love being a mother. I was overwhelmed today at church at how good God has been to me! My family was wonderful to me today. Mother's Day began with Daniel and Addalie bringing me breakfast in bed, as well as a spa gift certificate! Then we had baby dedication at church where we committed Asher Daniel to the Lord. The rest of the day was spent with family relaxing! 

I'm so blessed to be in a family of fabulous mothers. I have an amazing mother myself, as well a wonderful mother-in-law. My sisters are all such good examples of how to mother and I've learned so much from them. I hope I can be half the mother all these women are! I have so much more to write but Asher needs me and if I don't post this now, it will never happen! Happy Mother's Day everybody!