Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battle Scars

Addalie had a little accident today. She dove off a chair and hit her pretty little face! It's the worst seeing your baby cry because she's hurt.

On another note, she found this headband in my drawer and loves having it on her head! She will hardly leave a bow on anymore but she felt so pretty in this headband!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Caged Kids

I went over to my sister's today to be with my mom while she was watching the kids. Leif and Emry kept getting in the dog cage and wanting us to lock them in! Emry kept saying "Puppy! Woof, woof!,"as if she was one! Mom texted a pic to Jada to let her see that we were taking good care of the kids!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Favorite Activity

This is how we spend our evenings. Our girl just loves to be outside and is constantly saying "car, car!" She uses the same word for both car and wagon, and would be pushed around in them all day if we had the time. We enjoy it though and it's our way of spending time as a family!

I can say, "Addalie, vroom vroom!" and she starts turning the wheel and does a little dance in the car. It's adorable!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Need a Bigger Car!

Today my mom came into town to watch Jada and Nick's kids while they went on a staff retreat and we picked her up from the airport. On our way, though, we found out that Jada was at the ER with Emry because she had a concussion (she's great now though!) and we needed to pick them up on our way home. So, in our tiny car, we had two big carseats and four adults, as well as a huge Tigger balloon Emry received at the hospital! Mom is pictured in the back, though Jada ended up riding back there. It was an adventure!

Daniel and Addalie tried out the trampoline when we got to Nick and Jada's. She loved it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today we took food to our the Isaacsons who just had a beautiful baby girl last week. She is so adorable and Addalie was facinated by her. She was so sweet and gentle!

Sorry the pic is fuzzy because I took it on my phone.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eye Doctor Visit

I took Addalie to the ophthalmologist today because we've been worried that her eyes turn inward sometimes. Good news though, she is perfectly normal! Turns out that she just has a wide,low bridge on her nose because her face isn't through developing. Because of this, there is extra skin folds near her eyes that cover up part of the white of her eyes. The doc said this goes away by the time a child is two. I was worried she would have to wear an eye patch or something and I would have a little pirate baby.

Our neighbor Bella loves to play with Addalie, so she came over today and entertained for a while! Addalie loves her and even says her name every now and then.

We had a great day- hope you did too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Little Reader

I've mentioned several times how much Addalie loves to read, but I'm really just amazed by it! Books are her favorite source of entertainment and I love it. She gives me a book and crawls up in my lap and would be content to do that all day. I want her to always be a reader and one who is eager to learn.

I love these pics because Addalie didn't even realize I was taking her picture; she was so enthralled in her little baby Bible. Also, look how chubby she is! She has such a little pot belly!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I feel like our lives have been a little boring activity-wise lately. I mean, we've had several CARES things going on, but they seem like regular activities now that we've been doing this for a while. We did go to our 8 year old neighbor's birthday party this weekend. Addalie didn't know what to think about a bunch of screaming, giggling girls, and I didn't know what I was going to do when I find myself there in the future!

Also, I decided to start running this past weekend. I have now been out a couple of times and it actually feels pretty good. I ran all the time in HS because I had to, and I pretty much hated every minute of it. But I ran a little for exercise in college and after we got married and started to really enjoy (well, I don't know if I'm there yet) it. So anyway, it's nice to just be doing a little exercise even if I'm not going very far.

There is something about running out on the sidewalk where cars are passing that makes me feel superior to others. I'm like, "these people are driving and I'm out here running, so they must be lazy and I'm not." So I was jogging and feeling all good about myself when out of nowhere, this guy decked out in spandex zooms past me and is already 200 yds. in front of me before I even knew what happened. I'm suddenly very aware of my butt jiggling back and forth and my thighs rubbing together. Thank you Lord for continuously humbling me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party

I had the great joy of watching three beautiful girls today (one being my daughter.) I watched Emry and Brynlee (our pastor's daughter) at Jada's while their moms got their hair done. I had so much fun! Brynlee is in my class at church, so we were already good friends, and all three girls played well together.

Here we are having a tea party! They really got into it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun at the Park

Daniel had the day off today so we decided to go to the park to play. There is a really nice one within walking distance from Monterone, so we put Addalie in her little car and took off. She loved playing on everything and wanted to try each thing for herself. She took off in the playscape and just started climbing all over it! She wore herself out and crashed once we got home!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Practical Jokes

This is an old post picture and for those of you who didn't see it, Daniel did NOT take Addalie for a ride on this thing. So Daniel and his co-workers like to play practical jokes on each other when they aren't busy at work. Daniel dealt some pretty clever and mischievous pranks and was paid back today. They posted a pic of his scooter on Craigslist and said it was for sale for $800 (way underdressed) and had to go today. So Daniel has been getting like, a hundred phone calls from people wanting his scooter. It's driving him crazy, and it's hilarious!

By the way, the scooter is for sale, but it's $3000.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabulous Day

I am having one of those days where I just feel incredibly happy. For one, I feel that I have accomplished a lot today and it still be a relaxing day. Addalie is in a great mood,
which is not uncommon, and I had a good talk with our apartment manager who is going to try to make my job a little easier. Here are a few more reasons I am feeling so blessed:

1. I have the best job in the world. I get to stay home and take care of Addalie while trying to minister to Monterone Apartments. I can't think of a better way to live where we do and the way we do and still get to stay home with my baby!

2. Umm, I'm pretty sure I have the most adorable little girl in the world! I know moms, you all think the same thing of your kids, which I'm glad of :) I just love getting to be her mommy! Today I was laying on the ground while talking to my sister and she came over with a huge grin and gave me a big hug and a kiss. Everytime she is affectionate she says "awww." It's so cute.

3. My husband makes me laugh. I love many things about him, but I especially love the fact that I'm never bored!

4.I love my apartment! I never thought I would be this content living in an apartment, but I am in no hurry to move. We have the perfect amount of space for our little family, we have wonderful neighbors, and it doesn't really feel like an apartment to me.

5. We are getting to go camping this weekend! I love camping and haven't been in so long! And we have fun friends to go with, which makes it even better.

6. I finished off Pride and Prejudice today. It takes me a full week to watch the old A&E version of this movie because I can only watch a little at a time. This has got to be one of my top five favorite movies! I want to talk in very proper way with a British accent after I watch it!

7. Daniel had a successful day at work. And when the man of the house is happy, we are all a bit happier.

8. Addalie has had a fantastic week with naps. She has always been a good sleeper, it's just not always been that easy getting her to do it. Today she took two long naps and fell asleep in her bed by herself. I have been trying to get her to do that her whole life. I haven't tried anything different lately; I guess she is just getting it now. Yay!

9. My house is clean! Because of the great naps, I had time to get it done today.

10. And finally, it has just been one of those days that I see clearly how good God has been to me. I am incredibly blessed!

Addalie loves to try to feed herself. Here she is eating ravioli and is probably the messiest I have ever seen her!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Email Problems

I can't make a good post today because I can't get my email to open and my pics are on it. Sorry!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Shower

Today we held a shower for my friend Kristen Murphy who is going to have a sweet baby boy! (Timothy James). It went really well and we all had a lot of fun! I have some very creative friends who made the shower extra special! Here is Kristen after all the gifts were opened!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Messy Child

I think it's funny that this is what I'm putting on the post today because we did so many more interesting things. Daniel and I went on a date, Addalie played with the puppies at Jada and Nick's, and we did lots of fun stuff around the house. But it's your lucky day because you get to look at a pile of garbage!

This is the mess I swept up around Addalie's high chair after only one meal. And this is a good day. Is this normal? Somebody tell me that your child is as messy as mine!

This is my best friend, Mr. Steam Mop. I have to sweep several times a day and mop pretty much daily. Daniel got me the steam mop as a gift (he knows the way to my heart) and now feel like my floors are pretty sanitary, which is nice because Addalie likes to eat off them!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cousins at Play

Emry came to play today while Jada was with Keirah (she had a small procedure on her foot). These girls crack me up. They act like sisters who love on each other but constantly try to take what the other has. Emry tries to get Addalie to do things, Addalie doesn't cooperate, and it's all very fun to watch.

Here they are lounging at the pool! I let them stick their feet in the cold water and they wanted to go swimming! Maybe later girls, just keep working on your tan.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I know it has been a few days since I updated this thing. But trust me, there was good reason. We were super duper busy this past week with CARES (Apartment ministry) events. We had five events in the span of eight days, combined with many welcome visits and everyday life. I am so thankful this week is here. I have almost nothing planned and it's fabulous!

We had a busy Easter weekend but it was really fun! We hosted a resident brunch on Saturday with a few egg hunts for the kids. Addalie was cute picking up a couple of eggs, but I was unfortunately too busy running around like a crazy person to get any pictures. My friend Michelle did though, so maybe I'll post it later. Then we had a great day at church on Sunday. Addalie looked adorable if I do say so! My sweet mother in law gave me money to buy us both new Easter dresses-always fun- so Addalie got to get dolled up from head to toe! My dress felt more comfy than pajamas so I wore it all day!

We went to Nick and Jada's after church for some yummy Rudy's BBQ and just to spend some good time with family. We had been avoiding each other because of all the sick kids so it was good to hang out. Then that evening we headed to our friends Lance and Donna's house for a pot luck Easter dinner! We have such wonderful friends from church. I always feel like my friends are better friends to me than I am to them. Lance and Donna even gave all the kids little Easter gifts! I'm pretty sure I'm not that thoughtful.

Here is one of Addalie's Round Rock boyfriends, Colten. He's super cute.

Hanging out at the Loopers.

This Easter was a bit heart wrenching as I thought of our dear friends at Monterone who don't know Jesus. I am feeling a sense of urgency with them, but I know it's in God's hands. We have been very open with them about our Savior and have shared our lives with them. The Easter sermon has prompted me to pray even harder for them, and I ask that you do as well. Pray for us as we minister here and try to be effective in the midst of events. We have planted many seeds, but we desperately need God to come and drastically change the hearts of our Monterone friends.