Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Announcement

Well, most of you have probably already heard, but we are due for baby #3 on January 5th.... and it's a BOY (most likely)!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


By the way, Daniel is still working at BE Implement (aka, John Deere house). The preaching job is on the side. Sorry for not clarifying that earlier! K bye.

Monday, July 9, 2012

What We've Been Up To

A couple of weeks ago we went to a family reunion in Ruidoso. We had a great time with my entire family! We were all in one crazy condo together and just spent a lot of time hanging out and eating! We went out to the Flying J Ranch one night to eat, took the kids to ride go carts, and saw some of Mama Brown's family we never get to see. 

I realize that I haven't posted pictures of the kids in a while, but the truth is, I've been really bad about taking them. I meant to get all the pictures from other people on the trip, but I haven't yet. So here is what I've got. 

Here is Asher pretending to be in jail at the Flying J. Why is this so extremely funny to kids?

Asher got his first haircut on the trip! He had a pretty bad rat tail that Daniel had a weird attachment to. But its gone now and he looks much better.

All the men were playing golf and Asher wanted to join in. How cute is he?

Addalie riding go carts with her Daddy! This girl loves to go fast! She had so much doing everything with her cousins. I wish they could always be together like this.

They both had so much fun, but this is what they did as soon as they got in the car!

Ok, moving on... so it turns out I have a pretty handy husband! All by himself, he reconfigured these shelves and made them to where the tv would fit. I was nervous that he would ruin the existing wood and we would have to have someone come fix it. But I needed to have more faith! He did such a good job and we are so happy to have the tv off the fire place!
This is what it was like before. So much better now! I'm pretty proud of him!

Both our kids had a blast on the fourth of July. We went to a cook out at Mama Brown's and got to see a lot of cousins again! They just love being outside and Addalie just kept saying "this is awesome!"to the fireworks. Please don't ask me what's up with that huge bow on her head.

Addalie has been behaving really well lately so I took her out for ice cream the other day. She got the Krazy Kolors ice cream! So precious.

And here is my big boy! He does so well about wanting to sit on the potty that I decided to start potty training him today. Of course today of all days is the day he gets a bout of diarrhea. Go figure...
He's already a 100x easier than Addalie. Pray that this continues! He wanted to mow the lawn in his new underwear today. He's turned in to such a redneck here!

Now for some pretty significant news, Daniel is officially the new pastor at a church here in Lamesa! It's called Cornerstone Fellowship and it's a small church that has been without a preacher for quite a while. We have been visiting a praying about this almost since we moved here and just felt God leading us to invest in the community and in this congregation. It's been awesome to see Daniel getting to use his gifts and get excited about something. He is already doing an amazing job and I'm so proud of him. Check out the church on (806 is the area code here). He is starting a blog and has podcast on the website.  It's not completely done yet, but I think there is some stuff up now. Please keep us in your prayer! Love!