Friday, June 24, 2011

Welch Trip

We had a great trip to Welch last weekend! I love to see my kids out on the farm where I grew up, playing on the same swing set and in the same play house I played in. The kids did great on the long trip and I was able to relax and read a book! How often does that happen?

So here are some pics from the trip...

I think my brothers like having another boy around after so many nieces!

Addalie was so exhausted but did not want to take a nap. She agreed to rock with Papa though, and it only took about sixty seconds for them to both be out!

Trying to swim in the cold kiddie pool!

It was too cold for Asher but he enjoyed hanging out with Nana!

You can always count on Nana to give the baby something Mama wouldn't want!

Addalie can't resist all th hats everywhere.

Ahh, some much needed down time with my boy.

Addalie loves rider the 4-wheeler, or as she likes to call it, the 3-liter! She can't go fast enough on this thing! Asher took a ride on it too. He wasn't scared, but didn't get too excited either.

 And of course, we have to ride the horses! Here is Landon't new horse. He doesn't really have a name, so we just call him Grey. He is so pretty!

Yay! Uncle Ryan and Bonnie came to visit while we were there! So fun! We love spending time with them and are grateful they live semi-close to my parents!

More lovin from Nana

These girls were too cute together. Addalie loves playing with cousin Bonnie! They took like, and hour long bath together where there was constant giggling!

You don't even want to know how many shots it took to get this one.

Sunday was Father's Day and I felt so bad that Daniel had to spend most of the day driving home. I was so thankful to get to be with my dad on Father's Day though! That hasn't happened in a while! Here Daniel is with his adoring kids before we headed to church!
I am beyond thankful to my husband for the kind of Daddy he is. I couldn't ask for a more loving father for my kids. He is always creating fun memories for them and playing with them no matter how tired he is. Nothing makes me happier than to hear the laughter coming from the bedroom when he and the kids are playing together! He truly is the best dad in the world! Happy Father's Day Daniel!

This is just a random pic from today. I usually carry Asher in the sling while in the grocery store, but Sam's has the two-person seats, so we gave it a try. Both kids thought it was so fun! Could this mean improved trips to the store? I won't get my hopes up.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This boy absolutely loves his jumperoo. He goes crazy in it- this video is tame compared to what he can do! Too cute!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picture Update

This is what Addalie does for fun these days. She just loves hanging out in my bathroom!
 Me and my girl
 I'm telling you, it's always something! She was trying to put mascara on like Mommy. Btw, how do you like her new haircut? She looks a bit like me as a kid!
 We went swimming with our friends Timmy and Emily today. Fun times!
Asher is so sweet these days! Here are some cute pics of him!

 We started him on cereal this week! He loves trying to feed himself with the spoon. He doesn't seem to care that much about the cereal, he just wants to hold the spoon!

 Addalie always ends up soaking wet when she's outside when Daddy is watering the grass.