Friday, February 25, 2011

Yeah, I'm Behind

I'm behind on life. In the past two months I've had a baby, celebrated a couple of holidays, moved, and had about four different illnessess invade my house. I feel like everything I know or think about is all wrapped up in me. There is nothing beyond me and my family, and I hate that. There is a reason selfish people aren't as happy. God designed us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to live in community, to serve others. Last night at Real Life Group, we were presented with a free date night by the others in our group. I was so humbled and so blessed by it. I mean, I'm all wrapped up in my life and they were concerned about us! I'm so thankful for those guys, I can't even tell you.

Here is a random cute picture of Addalie rocking with her crazy haired dolls. She wears a hat pretty much every day.

Last week were were treated to a visit from Mama Brown and Papa Brown. They got to meet Asher for the fiirst time and see our new house. We spent some time in downtown Austin and just enjoyed hanging out! We love when family comes to visit!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick House

We are sick here. We've been sick for three weeks here! I've never experienced this in our family before, especially with Daniel who is rarely sick. He's had like three different things and cannot seem to kick it. Please, please pray for us! We need to be better! The kids have actually been ok, praise God. Anyway, right now I'm functional, just not great, and I was able to spend some good time outside with Addalie today!

And now I'm unable to get any pictures off my card for some reason, and it's been one of those nights where I can't seem to get anything done, so I'm calling it quits. Good night!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pics of the Kids

 I adore my kids. Everyday I look at them and can't believe God gave them to me to take care of. They are incredibly trying, especially my soon-to-be two year old, but all that fades away when they smile at me. Toeday Asher took a good nap and Addalie and I were able to just play outside together and we made some memories. I never want to forget her saying "Yay Mama!" as I took a turn down the slide, or her giggle as I pushed her higher in the swing. She then threw a fit when I had to come in to feed her baby brother, but I will try to just remember the smiles and the giggles.

Asher smiles alot these days too, but it's pretty difficult to get a good picture of it. But anyway, here are some recent pics of the kiddos.

Addalie has cradle cap pretty badly so we've been using dandruff shampoo on her. I leave the room for a sec and come back to find her squeezing the blue shampoo in the water. She loved taking a blue bath! And her whole body is flake-free.

Addalie loves sitting on the couch with her brother and covering up with the Superman snuggie. Asher is pretty fascinated with Addalie as well. By the way, I'm taking suggestions on what to do with my child's hair. She always looks like a homeless child these days!

Asher went for his 2month check up on Friday. He weighed 10 lbs, 10 oz (25 percentile) and was 23 in long (50th percentile). He got some medicine for his reflux, so hopefully eating will be a little easier on him, but is otherwise doing fantasitc!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Much Has Happened...

 It's been literally ages since I updated this thing, but give me a break, I have had a few things going on! I mean, I have a baby, frantically look for a place to live, find one and move within a few days, and I've been without internet for a great deal of that time. So I think I'm doing pretty good here.

First of all, I now live in a house! It was really frustrating trying to find a place, and we thought we weren't going to find one in time. Then at the last minute, a house popped up that was a price reduction. I went to see it that day, and three days later, we moved in. It was like God hand picked the place for us! It's been great to have, get this, one floor! I haven't had that since we lived in El Paso. And it's fabulous! We also have this amazing playscape in the backyard for Addalie. She thinks she's in heaven with a swing set.

A lot more has happened lately, but I'm just going to post house pics now and tell you more later. I forogt to take outside pics, so I'll post those later too.

This is the dining room that we converted into a playroom for the kiddos. It's just to the left as you walk in the door.
 The living room is at the back of the house. I couldn't get the pics in order, so bear with me here.
                                            Thats the back door.
                           I love my living room. It's nice and cozy.

The kitchen is accessed from the entry hallway. It's not as big and wonderful as my kitchen in the apartment, but I still love it. It has a pantry! Haven't had one of those in a while either.
                                     View of bedroom from master bath.

Biggest bathroom I've ever had!
                                          We had to paint the kids room. It was bright yellow.

Addalie reading her books in the rocker!
Guest bedroom
We don't have a bed right now, so we just have a ghetto air mattress. We can sure make leftovers work can't we?
Kids and guest bath.
Addalie wanted to wear her birthday hat all day.
View from front door. This wide hallway goes all the way to the living room.

It's not a palace, but we are so thankful for it. Hopefully we will be here for longer than a year! This girl is tired of moving!