Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New England Trip- Boston Highlights

It's been a month, it's ridiculous, I know! But I'm back, and we're back from our trip to New England! We have tons and tons of pictures and we hit so many places, I'm gonna break this up. Starting with our first destination: Boston. In case you didn't know this, Daniel and I kinda met in Boston on a mission trip our sophomore year in college. We had such a good time and wanted to return to place our loved first bloomed! (jk, didn't fall in love till two years later!) We went to the church where we based our mission trip out of, went to a Red Sox game (they lost), and took a tour around the city!

I'm going to feature all the places Asher slept on this trip with each post. Here he is sleeping at Fenway Park!
That place is a circus on game day. It's definitely a fun experience. We went to Reds games all the time in Cinci, and they were barely crowded, no big deal. Oh my goodness, Sox fans are hilarious! The park was packed, and we loved just taking it all in.

Yawkey Way!

He was so good at the game. And the cutest fan you've ever seen!

The next day we went on a Duck Tour of Boston. Again, Asher slept, but with no pic. It was great to hear all the history of the city again and see the beautiful sights.

We went for a walk in the Public Gardens where they have these famous duck statues. Asher loved them!

Oh we all did!

Daniel standing next to Paul Revere's statue. Behind him is the Old North Church where the lantern was hung signaling that the Red Coats were on the move.
 I think Asher liked all the attention.

 We visited the Cheers bar. Well, we took a picture in front of it at least.
 The Old North Church. It's in the North End of Boston, which is primarily old, narrow roads and full of Italian restaruants. We loved this part of town! We even witnessed an Italian fight! Except I'm pretty sure they thought they were just having a pleasant conversation about the game the night before!
 Hanging out on Harvard Lawn. You feel smarter just being there.

More to come!