Monday, November 29, 2010


We took Addalie to get her first haircut, that wasn't done by Nana, today. We went to this kids haircut shop called Snip-its. It was a fun place that Addalie just loved and didn't want to leave.

Here is the before......

She did pretty good throughout, but she did have to read a book to keep her busy.

Here she is watching a video while getting styled!

She absolutely loved having her hair blow dried. This might have been the third time she got it "dried". She kept laughing and saying again again.

Here is the best after shot we could get. She looks really cute!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We were blessed this Thanksgiving to spend some time at home with Daniel's grandmother and his sister. Addalie loved having Gam around all week and we loved having some extra time to get some important stuff done. I think everybody learns pretty quickly that they better have patience for reading books over and over if they are going to spend any time with our daughter! Here is Gam reading the Boz book for the umpteenth time!

Addalie is always wanting to type or push buttons on something, so Gam bought her a little pink laptop. She loves to sit and type while Daniel or I am on the real computer.

She also got this ridiculously huge baby from Pop and Gran D while they were here. She (all on her own) named her Baby Reese. Here they are "rock rocking" while Addalie reads to her.

I've gotten to host Thanksgiving at my house for three of the five years since I've been married. I really love to cook Thanksgiving dinner and actually set a nice table and use my fancy dishes! Leah was a huge help! Gotta love thos French's Fried Onions!

This is what we had for Thanksgiving dinner per Daniel's request! Daniel is very thankful for beef.

Everybody is ready to eat!

Daniel and I got sick later that day with a stomach virus Addalie had earlier in the week, but other than that, we had a great Thanksgiving and we pray you did as well!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AHHH! (That was me screaming)

Sometimes you just need to scream, right? Ok, I'm over it now, but that's how I felt this past weekend. Daniel and I had the opportunity as a CARES Team to attend a Weekend to Remember conference in San Antonio. We were really looking forward to just getting away together before the baby comes, but unfortunately, our weekend was tainted a little. We received a call on the way there that informed us that as of Dec 31 we will no longer be the CARES Team here, thus taking away our apartment. (Insert scream here) I mean, seriously, could the timing be ANY worse?

Basically, in an effort to keep a leasing agent here that could no longer afford to live here because of commission and budget cuts, management is allowing his wife to take over as activity director (not with the CARES program) in order to give them a discounted apartment and ensure that he remains on staff. It was painful news, and though we understand the business side of it, it felt really personal. We have a relationship with this family and with the other staff here. We were thinking we would have to move immidiately in order to get settled before the baby, and that would mean a lot of money to move that we don't exactly have readily available. I just cried and cried. I'm so tired of moving and I have loved this apartment. There is just no way we can pay the expensive rent on a two bedroom.

So we tried to not let it ruin the weekend. It was hard, but we really did enjoy it and had a relaxing time together.
This is a gingerbread house they were building in the lobby of our hotel. It was really cool and made out of tons of real gingerbread and icing. I wish we could have seen the finished product!
The huge lobby was already all decorated for Christmas. I loved it of course!

This is on the backside of the resort. It was like a sprawling plantation. We loved just walking around.
Me at 36 weeks! (I'm now 37 weeks pregnant!)

On a completely unrelated note, we are now able to put Addalie's hair in pigtails! She looks so so cute and like such a big girl! We cannot, however, get a decent picture of her with them!
Ok, back to our weekend. We got to make a stop on the way, (prior to the bad news) at an old friends that I hadn't seen since junior year of college! Susan was my boss at Noah Project in Abilene, and then I babysat for her little boy after she no longer worked there. I fell in love with this family and missed them terribly when they moved to California. Well, they moved outside of San Antonio and we moved to Round Rock, and we finally got to reconnect!
Little Zachary isn't so little any more! He was so big and just about the sweetest kid I've ever met. We looked at pictures from when he was a baby and he acted like we were best friends. It completely melted my heart!

So that's what we've been dealing with lately. We did meet with our manager and we worked out something where we can definitely stay till the end of January, so praise God for that! As for beyond that, I have no idea. We are most likely going to stop doing CARES because of the new baby, new situation, etc. and rent a house somewhere in Round Rock. Please pray for everything to work out. We were not at all planning on any of this and are really just trying to get through all the changes in our lives with as little stress as possible. We want to leave the apartment on good terms and be a good representative of Christ no matter what. Please pray for our relationships here and for peace in the next months. Sorry for such a long post!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Shower

Friday night was a fun night of celebrating Asher's upcoming arrival! I got together with some wonderful people from church and family at La Madeline for coffee, dessert, and diapers! Yes, diapers excite me these days! I felt very blessed that night and had a great time!

I will post pics of the nursery soon, but here is some of the bedding and the letters for his name made by my super creative sister Kyla!
How cute is this diaper cake?

And these are the lovely ladies who hosted the shower! I am so blessed to know each of them!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Night

Addalie slept in her new bed tonight for the first time. We tried it out last night, but she just wanted to play, and since we had to get up early for church we figured she needed some sleep.

Well tonight we tried it again. She played with her toys, sang to herself, read books in the dark, and flushed the toilet a couple times before she finally gave up a hour and a half later. It was fun listening to her on the monitor.

If you look closely, you can see some of the mess she created.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunglasses & a big girl bed

So Addalie hates clothes. However, she loves shoes and accessories. Recently she only wants to wear her diaper, sunglasses, and some sort of necklace.

Nana and Papa got Addalie a big girl bed for Christmas. She got it a little early so she could get used to it before Asher comes. Here she is trying it out, while, you guessed it, wearing her sunglasses!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Story Time

We went to story time at Book Pride bookstore in Georgetown today with Jada, Leif, & Emry. They have such a neat area for kids and the girls loved crawling in the little cubbies and reading together! They were so cute! Addalie crawled in first, then Emry said, "Addawee, stay there, I'm going to get you a book!" Addalie obeyed.