Friday, January 13, 2012

Change is Coming

I blame my husband. He's home a lot these days and has almost exclusive use of the computer. So if I haven't updated in a month, it's his fault. Now on to what's been going on this month. Here is the short version:
- 1st, we found out the Jada and Nick would be church planting in South Austin (we actually already knew this but wasn't public knowledge till recently). We also are quite certain Leah got a new job in South/East Austin
- We went to Welch for Christmas and decided that that area would be a great place to raise kids
- Early Jan, we went to Welch again and Daniel interviewed for a job at BE Implement (John Deer Dealership) and got the job. It's totally random for him, but a great job with benefits and good pay. He will get to work with a lot of technology that goes into these tractors
- Our lease ends at the end of January, so we decide to move!

And that's what's going on. We struggled so hard to make this decision because of how much we love it here, but we just decided this would be better for our family. It would be great pay, lower cost of living, closer to most of our families, and just a really good environment to raise kids. I know, I know, those of you who know me well are shocked that I would ever move back to farmville West Texas, but you know, things change. I couldn't wait to bust out of Welch and see the world. But I did see the world, a lot of it at least. I traveled more than most at a young age. I lived up north like I always wanted to, and you know, snow gets old after a few months. I helped plant a church. I've experienced some crazy times with Daniel living off nothing in rough places working three jobs and loved it. But now we are really ready to settle down and provide some stability for our kids. I mean, this is our 8th move of our 5 year marriage! Enough already!

And the best part is, there is a whole other chapter of our lives beginning. Daniel and I are so excited to be involved in the Emmaus and Prison ministries going on there, and we are thrilled to hang out with some of our good friends that live there. We have an opportunity to find a house we can grow in and make memories in. And hopefully, we will be able to travel even more than we have financially been able to now.

It's been a strengthening process for Daniel and I as we sought God's wisdom in this decision. We grew closer to Him and each other and can't wait to see how God will use us in another area as we continue to seek Him!