Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It is now May 8th and we are STILL living with my parents! We have a great house that we've been in contract on since the end of February, but because there are several people that need to move before we can, it looks like we can't be in till the end of May. I promise to post pictures if and when we ever get our own place! In the meantime, here is an overview of the month of April here in Welch!

Asher loves his Papa! Asher never falls asleep on people, he loves his bed. So you know he loves his Papa, and was really tired!

Asher also loves to act like his Papa. He loves crawling up in the recliner, throwing that neck pillow behind him and acting like Papa. 

Having fun together dying Easter eggs!

It's funny that we got here in Febrary when it was snowing, and now the kids are playing in the spriklers! Yeah, we've been here a while...

My pretty girl on Easter Sundy

It was cool to spend Easter in Welch at church with my parents. I hadn't been there for Easter since high school, and it was cool to have my kids hunt Easter eggs in the church yard just like I did when I was their age!

It's so funny to see my kids' different personalities with things. Addalie is pretty laid back with the egg hunting. She waits till someone points one out, then casually goes over and gets it. Asher on the other hand, figured this thing out pretty quick and was aggressive! He was even sneaking eggs out of Addalie's basket and putting them in his. It was hilarious to watch!

Family pic!

All the kids together hunting eggs!

Asher's new favorite activity: Vacuuming up the "bugs" (moths/millers) all over the house. They are terrible at my parents house but Asher is loving it! He can spot them from anywhere and will not let you rest till you help him vacuum it up. We just leave the vacuum out now days. He gets so giddy when he gets to vacuum one. He shouts "bug!" till you come over then says "got it!" when it's gone. He's too cute! 

And for the most exciting part of April: Baby Krae was born! My oldest sister Jada had her fifth baby, an adorable little boy, and we went to Round Rock to see him. He's doing great and is such a cutie!

And that's it for April!