Sunday, August 26, 2012

Precious Reminder

Recently, I had a reminder of what is important and precious in my life. Let me elaborate. Daniel works at BE Implement in Lamesa, or better known as the John Deere house. Anyway, two guys came in the other day saying they had car trouble and needed a ride back to their truck. Daniel was volunteered to be the one to take them. Now Daniel does this stuff all the time for people. He is a magnet for anyone with car trouble, and he is always willing to take the time. I love him for that. However, today, he had a bad feeling about these guys. There was nothing wrong with them and they were plenty nice, but something in his gut just didn't feel right. But he wasn't really given a choice, so he went. He took them to the auto parts store, then back to their truck, out in the country about five miles north of town.

When they got their though, there was another guy there. And then they pulled a gun on my husband! They took his keys, grabbed his work phone off his belt and smashed it, and then asked for his wallet. Of course he gave it to them, they took off, and he was left out there in the 105 degree weather. Thankfully, they didn't know about his personal phone in his back pocket, so he was able to call for help.

I cannot believe this happened to him. I mean, he was just trying to help. I cried off and on all the rest of the day thinking about what could have happened. I'm so thankful for God's protection over him that day. It could have been so much worse. I'm so thankful for my husband and family. God has provided for us in incredible ways and this was all a reminder of that. Daniel is the best daddy for my kiddos that I could ever imagine and an amazing husband. I don't ever want to take this for granted!

Make sure take time to be thankful for those precious people in your life and make sure they know how precious they are to you! You never know what could happen to someone. I mean, Daniel works at John Deere in Lamesa, and still had a gun pulled on him!

On another note, we had our target ultrasound this week and our baby BOY is doing great! Here's a pic:

Can't wait to meet the little guy!

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  1. So scary! So thankful too for His protection. Great reminder, Sena. And so excited to see Reese baby #3!