Friday, November 16, 2012


Well I haven't updated since Septemberish, so here is an attempt to make up for lost time. Let's see, we went on vacation towards the end of September and it was amazing! We started out in New York and then worked our way up the coast to Maine. Gotta tell you, if it were not for all the wonderful people we know and love here, we would be living up there! It was beautiful! Here is one of our favorite pictures from Maine:

Let's see, what came next? I guess Halloween would be the next highlight. My kids were Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and I gotta say, super cute! 

We went to the Welch Fall Fling on Saturday and then we did a cookout in our front yard for our neighborhood on Halloween. We wanted  to try to give us a chance to build some new relationships and it was a lot of fun! We did a costume contest for the kids as well. Good times.

At some point recently we got to see our baby again! I love getting to see the 4D ultrasounds- it's crazy what you can see! Our little boy, whose name we decided will be River Jared Reese, is doing great! I think he already looks like the other two kids. 

And though this is probably only significant to me, I wanted to show off my new mantel! We didn't have one and I just thought is was an absolute must for Christmas. It's decorated for fall right now, but I can't wait to put Christmas decorations up!

And last but certainly not least, I have a new niece! Baby Brindle was born last Sunday and is an absolutely beautiful girl! I'm so glad we get to live close to her and see her often! Addalie loves her and is really good with her. I can't wait to see her with our new baby!

Ok so that's my brief overview of the past couple months! 

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